California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

On January 1, 2012, a new law came into effect in California called the Transparency in Supply Chain Act (SB 657). The law requires many large retail and manufacturers to disclose publicly their efforts, if they are taking any, to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from their supply chains. The law aims to increase the information available to consumers so that they can make more informed purchasing choices.

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) supports the goal of eradicating human trafficking and slavery in all forms, including forced and child labor. TWE is a signatory to the United Nation’s Global Compact and is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. TWE expects all of its suppliers to comply with their Ethical Procurement Code (EPC), which includes:

Supplier Communication and Policies: Suppliers are required to sign our EPC, which requires compliance with labor laws, including this one. The EPC sets standards that address forced labor, child labor, health and safety, employee benefits, working conditions, working hours, discrimination, freedom of association and environmental impacts. In the supplier selection process, TWE evaluates potential new supplier to ensure they understand these standards and can demonstrate a commitment to comply with our EPC. Audits: All suppliers must allow an authorized representative of TWE to audit their compliance with our EPC.

Corrective Action: TWE monitors supplier performance against the standards set out above by incorporating the EPC in its contractual agreements with suppliers. If an audit of a supplier reveals that they do not comply with the EPC and refuse to implement corrective actions TWE may elect to stop working with the supplier and engage with an alternative supplier who can illustrate compliance with our EPC.

Employee Education: All new employees are briefed on our EPC and on how to identify potential areas of concern in our supply chain.

It is crucial to Treasury Wine Estates that everyone involved in the manufacture of our products is treated with dignity. We will continue to update our polices and procedures to ensure we maintain the highest standards of conduct throughout our supply chain. January 11, 2012
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