Pinot Noir
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Wine Spectator

(September 2010)

2008 Pinot Noir: "Offers a mix of sour cherry, red plum and spice notes. Full-bodied, fit and chewy..." - James Laube's Recommended Pinot Noirs

Top Value

Women's Day

(April 2010)

2008 Pinot Noir: "Named best 'Pleasing Pinot for the Spring'."

San Francisco Chronicle

(March 2010)

2008 Pinot Noir: "Pinots that pair perfectly with lamb."

(January, 2009)

2007 Pinot Noir: "...Very good, with clean ripe flavors..."

Wine Spectator

(May 2009)

2007 Pinot Noir: "Refreshingly complex, elegant and stylish, with a tasty mix of mineral, black cherry, wild berry and floral scents that are long and complex on the finish. Very impressive at this price. Drink now."

(December 18, 2008)

2007 Pinot Noir: "The earthy and herbal notes of Pinot Noir make it a welcome alternative to the sweeter, richer versions coming out of Northern California."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

(February, 2009)

2005 Pinot Noir: "Tasty wines with exceptional quality readily available for $15 or less."

Wine Spectator

(December 2005)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Appealing for its direct, user-friendly, up-front fruitiness, with ripe plum, blackberry and cherry notes that are rich and fleshy. Drink now."

Rated 85 Points

Wine News

(October/November 2005)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Intense aromas of cherry pie, vanilla, lavender and brown sugar. Juicy flavors of raspberry and wild cherry. Silky tannins and hints of allspice in the lingering finish."

Rated 90 Points

Travel & Leisure Golf

(March 2007)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Cherry-berry aromas and some sweet berry fruit. Not complex, but pleasant for the price."

News Tribune

(January 2007)

2004 Pinot Noir: "This wine has nice structure, and it is not overdone in the least. Lively acidity gives lift to the black cherry fruit and strawberry jelly flavors. Delightful."

Cooking Pleasures Magazine

(October/November 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "A lighter red with ripe cherry flavors and soft tannins is ideal with the Mahogany Cornish Hen Halves - choose the 2004 Greg Norman California Estates Pinot Noir."

Wall Street Journal

June 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Best Wine by a Golfer. Outstanding Value. Very Good/Delicious. Rich and earthy, bursting with raspberry fruit, with hints of chocolate and real Pinot funk. The Zinfandel, at the same price, is also very good and a terrific buy."

Santé Magazine

(June 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Recommended. Aromas of black cherry and plum with a hint of vanilla on the palate; short, pleasant finish."

Family Circle

(April 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "The tomato-mushroom sauce goes equally well with red or white. Consider this pick: 2004 Greg Norman California Estates Pinot Noir, smooth and sophisticated."

Oakland Tribune

(April 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "A good value. This newest effort from the Greg Norman name is a pleasant, clean, cherryish wine with easy-to-drink fruit and reminds of nothing so much as the old Gamay Beaujolais wines of years past. It is worth a try when a light red is on the menu."

Quarterly Review of Wines

(Spring 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "A 4-Star California Pinot Noir. An intense black fruit nose gives way to taut, penetrating black cherry, toasted nut and mocha flavors."

Restaurant Wine

(Issue #109)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Rated 4 1/2 Stars. Fleshy, full-bodied, and ripely flavored (cherry, blackberry, plum); an impressive Pinot Noir at the price. It has a good depth and balance, light oak character, and a long finish."

Miami Herald

(March 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Recommended. Tart cherries, leather and chocolate, smooth."

Carroll County Times (February 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Good Value. Deep black cherry flavors and a nice hint of mature oak. Nice finish."

Connoisseur's Guide to California Wine

(February 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "A pleasant, clean, cherryish wine with easy-to-drink fruit and reminds of nothing so much as the old Gamay Beaujolais wines of years past. It is worth a try when a light red is on the menu."

Rated 85 Points

Midwest Wine Connection

(February 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Very Good. Truly Pinot, and truly Santa Barbara. Ripe cherry flavors combine nicely with hints of oak and vanilla."

Rated 88 Points

Colorado Wine News

(January-March 2006)

2004 Pinot Noir: "Has aromas of barnyard over cherry which reverse as flavors plus light tannin and finish at the back of the palate with the additions of white pepper and oak. Simple quaffer."

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