Cabernet Merlot
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Wine Spectator

(April 2015)

2012 Cabernet Merlot: "Supple and inviting, with cherry flavors at the core and hints of herb around the edges, persisting harmoniously on the precise finish. Drink now through 2019." - Harvey Steiman

Rated 90 Points

Wine Spectator

(June 2011)

2008 Cabernet Merlot: "Well-focused, playing its mint and cedar flavors against a core of black cherry and currant fruit, balancing nicely through the finish. This has presence. Drink now through 2015." - Harvey Steiman

Rated 89 Points

Wine Spectator

(October 2008)

2005 Cabernet Merlot: "A strong mint character runs through the black cherry and anised flavors, which hang effortlessly on the sleek frame, finishing with fine tannins. Drink now through 2012."

Rated 88 Points


(January/February 2008)

2005 Cabernet Merlot: "Brash and pronounced with black fruit in the Cabernet, the soft, velvety merlot in this wine then fills the back with a rounded mouthfeel. Superbly done, it pairs nicely with chicken-on-the-bone dishes or rack of lamb."

Rated 89 Points

Wine Spectator

(June 2007)

2004 Cabernet Merlot: "Bright and lively, this juicy red shows a dusty note that weaves through the cherry and currant flavors. Finishes with grace. Drink now through 2010."

Rated 88 Points

Stuff Magazine

(May 2007)

2004 Cabernet Merlot: "...makes other celeb wines seem like grape juice."

Midwest Wine Connection

(March 2007)

2004 Cabernet Merlot: "#9. A well-rounded blend with an enticing mix of sturdy berry fruits and lasting tannins."

Wine Spectator

((December/January 2007)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "Great Values of 2006: Outstanding wines for $15 or less."

Wine Spectator

(December 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "#65: The Top 100 of 2006."

Wine Spectator

(October 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "The Values Guide: 100 Great Buys For $25 or Less."

Wine Spectator

(October 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "Harvey Steiman's Recommended Australian Reds: Top Values."

Wine Spectator

(September 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "Smart Buy. Lively, juicy and graceful. A smooth red with currant and plum flavors wrapped harmoniously around the finish, with overtones of toast and cedar. Drink now through 2012."

Rated 91 Points

(August 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "Best Buy of the Week."

Sports Illustrated

(April 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "The Tour's combination doubles the number of wines available with connections to professional golf, thus creating a wine category. Greg Norman was the first golfer to get into the business in the mid-90's. Included on the list of recommended golf wines: 2003 Greg Norman Estates Cabernet Merlot."

Baltimore Sun

(February 2006)

2003 Cabernet Merlot: "Almost purple and very powerful, this Australian stood toe-to-toe with the spicy red beans and rice recipe. The bargain of the tasting."

Wine Spectator

(April 2005)

2002 Cabernet Merlot: "Firm, with chewy tannins and lively acidity around a core of smoky black pepper and berry flavors."

Rated 86 Points

Quarterly Review of Wines

(Winter 2005)

2002 Cabernet Merlot: "The 2002 red wine vintage was very fine in Australia... Mild to assertive tannins are expected. Blueberry, spice from the Merlot join with oak, cherry and chocolate notes. Delicious."

Fond du Lac Reporter

(February 2006)

2002 Cabernet Merlot: "Flavors of plums, cherries, currants and spice. The Merlot softened some of the Cabernet's harsher edges and made it drinkable now."

East Valley Tribune

(December 2005)

2002 Cabernet Merlot: "There are still good values Down Under, and wines from "The Shark" offer a good value-to-equality proposition. This wine tastes a lot bigger than its price. It has ripe and bright red fruit and spice, but silky tannins that make it easy to drink. Like its cedar highlights, too."

Wine Spectator

(September 2003)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "Firm in texture, generous with its peppery blackberry and lime flavors, with a minty note as the flavors linger."

Rated 89 Points

The Star Ledger

(November 2003)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "Even better is this Cabernet-Merlot blend."

The Capital

(December 2003)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "One of the best. This blend has bright berry flavors with a soft texture and light body."

Waterbury Republican-American

(October 2003)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "Recommended. Sleek, polished."

Toronto Life

(December 2004)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "Good. ...nose of blackberry, eucalyptus, green tea and integrated oak. Smoke. Evolving palate with some greenness, spice and blueberry tea."

Latino Leaders

(January 2004)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "Mouthwatering medium bodied wine with a deep cherry red and plum bouquet. At the palate is shows spice, toasted-smoky notes, and even a hint of mint jam. A nice long finish."

Colorado Wine News

(October-December 2004)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "...tart cranberry, sweet cherry, currant, and smoke. All the fruit continues onto the palate as lively, almost sweet flavors plus cooked rhubarb, artificial cherry candy, and a rusty, metallic note plus light tannin. Everything carries through the medium-broad, medium-long finish."

The Leader

(December 2004)

2001 Cabernet Merlot: "...plum and dark fruit flavors. Medium body and smooth. Some spice and maybe a little oak."

Wine Spectator

(September 30, 2002)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "Lithe and generous, a supple red, with layers of mint-scented berry and currant flavors, all echoing on a fine-toned velvety finish."

Rated 89 Points

Wine Enthusiast

(June 2002)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "Dark wood notes and pastry crust on the nose segue into blueberry and chocolate flavors. It's medium-weight and features a food-friendly tartness on the finish. Simple but good."

Rated 85 Points

The Wine News

(February-March 2002)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "Brilliant, medium-ruby color; deep, black cherry and ripe plum aromas with a spicy oak backnote. Mint-accented dark fruit flavors bolstered by firm tannins; soft, fruity finish."

Restaurant Wine

(December 2001)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "Exceptional. Great Value. Very intensely flavored (loganberry, plum, eucalyptus, oak), fleshy, and long on the palate, with a lightly tannic finish."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

(January 2002)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "Concentrated dark currant, blackberry and plum flavors accompanied by hints of spice and oak, fine-grained tannins and a firm finish."

The Times of Acadiana

(May 2002)

2000 Cabernet Merlot: "G'day, Mates! Another fine example of marrying these two great varietal grapes. The Merlot accounts for 10 percent of the blend, just enough to take the edge off the tannins. Rich berry flavors combine with plum and cassis to make this smooth and rich."

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