Morgan-leigh Norman
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Morgan-leigh Norman
Morgan-leigh Norman is the daughter of legendary Australian golfer and entrepreneur Greg Norman. Growing up with a father who always inspired and motivated her to follow her dreams and never settle, Morgan-leigh has created a life of many passions, talents and interests.

After having a scuba tank put on her back at the age of eight and taught how to dive by her ocean-loving father, Morgan-leigh has become a Master Diver, logging hundreds of dives in some of the most exotic waters around the world.

Spending her entire childhood traveling the world with her family on the PGA Tour, Morgan-leigh developed a love of the world and travel. After graduating from Boston College, Morgan's passion for food and wine led her to Italy and Australia to hone her skills. She then went on to receive a culinary degree in South Florida. Her passion ultimately lead her to the Napa Valley where as a professional chef she fine-tuned her culinary skills to compliment the beautiful wine that was all around her in the valley.

Morgan's talent and passion as a chef lead her to Greg Norman Estates, where she has been involved in every aspect of the wine business for past 6 years.

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