Greg Norman
Greg Norman
Greg Norman was labeled the "Great White Shark" by a newspaper reporter during the 1981 Masters Tournament, but he began exhibiting some characteristics of the revered creature long before that. Whether it be growing up surfing and diving with sharks in Australia or his many excursions to always attack every adventure and experience life has to offer, Greg Norman truly is his namesake.

As a teenager, Greg never did anything halfway. When, as a 15-year-old, he decided to give golf a try, he did it aggressively and with the intent to succeed. His introduction to the game started with an offer to caddie for his Mother. After a mere 18 months, Greg was a scratch player. Four years later, at the age of 21, he decided to turn pro.

From the beginning, Greg's style, talent and finesse positioned him for a lifetime of success both on and off the course. As an athlete, his crowning achievements remain two British Open Championships, along with more than 90 professional victories from around the world throughout his storied 30-year career. He also held #1 golfer in the world for 331 weeks, a record only topped by one golfer, Tiger Woods. For all of his on-course achievements, Greg was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in October 2001.

While Greg's well documented accomplishments on the golf course have assured his place in sporting history, his sound business acumen established him as a world-class entrepreneur. As chairman and CEO of the global Great White Shark Enterprises, Greg runs a myriad of companies including Greg Norman Golf Course Design, Greg Norman Collection, Greg Norman Production Company and of course Greg Norman Estates.

Just as his business interests keep Greg busy, so do his passions. In addition to fishing, scuba diving and the pursuit of almost every outdoor activity, his keen interest in fine wines inspired him to create his own wine brand, Greg Norman Estates. A collection of wines that not only represent his personal taste in wine but also the lifestyle he leads. By always believing in the power of his dreams and always setting out to Attack Life, Greg Norman is truly the ultimate adventurer.

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