Greg Norman, Jr.
Brand Ambassador
Greg Norman, Jr.
Greg Norman Jr. has been a professional athlete in two sports (Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding) for the past 11 years. He is considered one of the few pioneers in the sport of kiteboarding and labeled as one of the best "wake-style" riders in the world. Greg has participated in kite and cable events around the world from Florida to the Philippines and has been featured in countless national and international action sport and lifestyle magazines.

As the son of Greg Norman, Greg Jr. has traveled the world helping with and learning from one of the top branding organizations in the world, Great White Shark Enterprises. He now brings his personal style to Greg Norman Estates as the quintessential millennial consumer. Well versed in the art of living life to the fullest and following closely in the footsteps of his father by always Attacking Life, Greg Jr. is a great ambassador and model for the new Greg Norman Estates.

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