Andrew Hales
Andrew Hales
The career path that led to Andrew Hales' appointment as winemaker for the Greg Norman Estates portfolio is marked with earlier positions that taught him the art of capturing a region's definitive geographic character in the most enjoyable style of wine possible. From the Barossa, Clare and Hunter Valleys to the distant vineyards of France, Sicily, Tunisia and even the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, Andrew accumulated the knowledge that has led him to unlock the full potential of the regional wines that are the signature of Greg Norman Estates.

In 2000, he began working in tandem with the world-renowned Australian golfer to produce distinctive and stylistic wines from Australian's most recognized growing regions. All of which have won many prestigious trophies in Australia and abroad.

Although Andrew wishes he had more time for Attack Life, he enjoys his work on the wines of Greg Norman, a fellow Andrew describes as "earnest, hardworking and a genuine easygoing Australian."

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